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There is no doubt that technology has had an immense impact on how casino enthusiasts can get their fair share of thrills and entertainment, and not to mention to win a sizeable fortune or even a few extra dollars to boost their bankroll. Thanks to HD, live streaming and faster internet speeds, they have the opportunity to play live dealer games right on their screens without having to leave home.

Yes live dealer games take online casino gambling to a new level and there are good reasons why you should jump on the bandwagon if you’ve already experienced the joys of playing regular online casinos games. It’s all about the user experience so whether you’ve been a loner, a geek or a social butterfly, live dealer casinos can change your whole perspective about casino gambling.

For the uninitiated, a live dealer casino is a setting or environment on an online gambling site where you can play traditional casino games such as blackjack, poker, roulette, Texas/Casino Hold’em, and a few other games. All the games are conducted by dealers or croupiers at tables you can virtually sit at and you can see the chips or cards being dealt. It’s basically like being at a real land-based casino and you may have already guessed that there are human feelings and emotions involved, which increases the potential for some pretty decent returns and exciting challenges as compared to pitting yourself against software. Most importantly your knowledge and skills will be an influencing factor in how much you win or lose.

Now, so far this may seem like covering just the basics so let’s dig a bit deeper and check out some of the online live dealer casinos. William Hill hardly needs any introduction and is one of the well known brands to offer live dealer table games. This includes live roulette, blackjack, Casino Hold’em, baccarat, and 3 Card Poker, which well experienced dealers in attendance. High rollers can head straight to the section that offers higher stakes at private tables. There are blackjack and roulette games with Vegas rules and Macau rules.

Bet365 is also a popular, well known brand with a live dealer casino, which has undergone a complete revamp in recent times. This is what a typical live blackjack game can be like. You will be welcomed by a female dealer with loads of knowledge and experience in the game, and willing to go the extra mile to be more personable. You will also have access to a live chat option where you can chat with and read chats between players.

The dealer will deal the first two cards and a pop up box will appear prompting your to Hit, Stand or Double, following which the dealer will announce the numbers. You can hear all the other tables run in the same room and continue playing. The good thing is you end up playing with other genuine players, a live dealer and a welcoming atmosphere. What more could you want. This is only the tip of the iceberg. There are many live dealer casinos worth checking out. This includes the likes of Paddy Power, Titanbet, and, to name a few.

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