September 30, 2008
BCGold Corp. Arranges $1.5 Million Financing

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August 12, 2008
BCGold Corp. and Western Copper Corp. to Conduct Orientation Survey Over Carmacks Deposits, Yukon

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August 06, 2008
BCGold Corp. Corporate Update

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Regional Geology

The regional geology surrounding the Voigtberg Claims consists of mid-Paleozoic and Mesozoic island arc successions which are overlapped to the east by clastic sediments of the Bowser Basin. Regional mapping has been carried out at a scale of 1:50,000 by Logan et al (1990a, b; 1992a, b; 1997) of the BCGS and by Reid et al (1989) of the GSC. Recent mapping has been done in the Voigtberg area by the BCGS (Alldrick et al 2005).

The Paleozoic Stikine Assemblage in the vicinity of the Voigtberg claims comprises variably foliated mafic to intermediate volcanic rocks, chert and fine clastic sedimentary rocks. These have been intruded by Late Devonian to Early Mississippian Moore Creek and Forrest Kerr composite batholiths, with phases ranging from granite to diorite. The Paleozoic rocks lie entirely on the western side of the Forrest Kerr Fault, with Mesozoic rocks exposed to the east. The Stikine Assemblage is uncomformably overlain by island arc volcanic and sedimentary rocks of the Upper Triassic Stuhini Group. At the base of the Stuhini Group is a thick package of fine-grained volcanoclastic and sedimentary rocks dominated by volcanic wacke, arenite and interbedded siltstone and argillite. These units interfinger with massive green tuff.

The Voigtberg property covers an area of Triassic accreted marine sedimentary and volcanic rocks of the Stuhini Group, which have been intruded by at least two generations of feldspar porphyry dykes and stocks of unknown ages. Prior to 2006, limited detailed geological mapping was confined to the soil sampling grid established in the 1990's. As a consequence, the stratigraphic and intrusive age relationships between the rock units is not completely understood. The Company is awaiting a final geological report from Equity Engineering Ltd. of Vancouver from the 2006 fieldwork. For further discussions on the local-regional geology the reader is referred to the Technical Report prepared by Equity Engineering Ltd. posted on this webpage

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