February 16, 2010
BCGold Corp. Defines Minto Copper-Gold Trend on Apex East Property, Yukon

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January 25, 2010
BCGold Corp. Defines More Copper-Gold Drill Targets at Minto / Carmacks Properties

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January 14, 2010
BCGold Corp. Re-negotiates Engineer Mine Property Agreement

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  • Largest land holder in an emerging and highly prospective copper-gold district in Yukon with bulk tonnage, high-grade, copper-gold sulphide and oxide mineralization.
  • Properties proximal and adjacent to one operating mine and another in the mine development stage.
  • A total of $3.2 million in exploration expenditures to date.
  • Grassroots to Discovery in 2 years!
    Drill hole WS08-09B intersected 2 near-surface copper sulphide horizons over 63.1 metres that averaged 0.17% Cu (containing 23.6 m averaging 0.34% Cu), immediately south of Western Copper Corp.’s Carmacks Copper Project.
  • Numerous drill-ready, coincidental copper-gold geochemical and I.P. targets defined on 7 properties.

BCGold’s Minto/Carmacks Copper-Gold Properties are strategically situated in the highly prospective Carmacks Copper-Gold Belt, centered some 220 kilometres northwest of Whitehorse, Yukon. BCGold is the largest landholder in the Carmacks Copper-Gold Belt and holds title to 17 properties comprising 16,985 hectares. The Properties are situated proximal and adjacent to Capstone Mining Corp.’s Minto Mine and Western Copper Corp.'s Carmacks Copper Project.

The Minto Mine is a 3,200 tonne per day (tpd), conventional crush and flotation, open pit mining operation and is one of the highest-grade open pit copper-gold (Cu-Au) mines in the world. In the third quarter of 2009, Minto produced concentrate with 17.0 million pounds of payable copper (Cu) at an estimated total cash cost of $1.09 per pound, net of by-product credits and treatment and selling costs.

Western Copper's Carmacks deposits, situated 42 kilometres to the south of the Minto Mine, are, in some cases, oxidized equivalents of the Minto deposit. Western Copper Corp.’s Carmacks Copper Project is fully permitted and the company intends to commence mine construction in early 2010 after receipt of a water license. An open pit operation using solvent extraction / electrowinning technology (SX/EW) is planned.

BCGold’s properties were staked in early 2006, when the Carmacks Copper-Gold Belt was essentially still open and well before there was any significant industry notice. BCGold's properties were staked over areas with geological, geochemical and geophysical characteristics known to reflect near-surface, high-grade, copper-gold mineralization in the district.

BCGold’s exploration strategy in the Carmacks Copper-Gold Belt is focused on the discovery of stand-alone and/or satellite copper-gold deposits, the latter of which could be used to supplement mill feed for the nearby Minto and future Carmacks mining operations.

BCGold has been methodically exploring and advancing its Minto/Carmacks Copper-Gold Properties since November, 2006. In the southern “Carmacks Block” of properties, BCGold has demonstrated by regional-scale Mobile Metal Ion (MMITM) surveys that the Carmacks copper-gold trend, centred over Western Copper Corp.’s Carmacks deposits, extends for more than 15 kilometres to the northwest and southeast onto BCGold’s adjoining mineral properties. In the northern “Minto Block” of properties, BCGold has 6 properties along the 25 kilometre Minto trend with a number of “Minto-type” exploration targets at the drill-ready stage.
BCGold is looking for a senior partner to earn in and assist in advancing the Minto/Carmacks Copper-Gold Properties package.

last updated: February 03, 2010



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