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Engineer Mine, B.C. Mineral Specimens


Engineer Resistivity High Bulk Tonnage Gold Drill Target View Map

Engineer Magnetic High "Intrusive Centre" Drill Target View Map

Engineer Mine Property Gold-in-Soil Anomalies View Map

Engineer Mine 2014 Drill Target Area View Map

Engineer Mine Longitudinal Section Along "Shear A", Including 2012 Drilling Target View Map

Engineer Vein Longitudinal Section: 2011 Bulk Sample and Exploration Target Locations View Map

3D Engineer Mine: 2012 Underground Exploration Drill Targets  View Map

Engineer Vein Phase II Proposed Drilling View Map

Double Decker Vein Phase II Proposed Drilling View Map

Engineer Vein Phase I Longitudinal Section View Map

Double Decker Vein Phase I - 2010 Drilling View Map

Shaft Vein, High Grade Gold & Silver View Map

Level 8 Sample Plan View Map

Regional Geology Map View Map

New Claim Location Map View Map
discovery driven
discovery driven

BCGold Corp. had the pleasure of hosting geological specimen collector David K. Joyce at the historic Engineer Mine during the Company's 2012 Engineer Mine exploration and development program. Mr. Joyce worked alongside the Company's crews to search in active and historically producing zones and dumps of the mine in order to collect specimens "that reflect the unique geology and mineralogy of [Engineer Mine]."

Mr. Joyce is offering the beautiful mineral specimens that he collected for sale to shareholders, collectors, museums, and anyone else interested in capturing a piece of the Engineer Mine legacy. Go to the David K. Joyce Minerals website (a new browser window will open*) to view or select one for yourself. On Mr. Joyce's site you will find detailed information, images, and prices for a number of calcite and quartz, electrum, and stibarsen-arsenic specimens from Engineer Mine.

* Users should be aware that in linking to an outside website, you are leaving the BCGold Corp. website and BCGold Corp. is not responsible for the content of any other website.

This sample from Engineer Mine shows gold in quartz found as float. It was retrieved from the lakeshore near the old mill. To view more samples with enlargements go to "Images" in the right side menu or to the David K. Joyce Minerals website.